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This brief memo was addressed to Boston-area ministers with the news that local police had temporarily but forcibly occupied the Columbia Point Christian Center due to tensions regarding busing. Columbia Point, a subsection of Dorchester, was well…


This cartoon from the Mass Media, the University of Massachusetts Boston's weekly student newspaper, satirizes the untimeliness of desegregation in Boston by juxtaposing it alongside locations of notable activism during the Civil Rights Movement.

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The foundational document of the newly formed METCO program following the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965

When the desegregation of Boston Public Schools made national headlines, students across the country sent letters to Mayor Kevin White giving advice, criticism, and concern. This student sympathizes with the situation and reassures White that it…

The Massachusetts Black Caucus and other Black Community Organizations are writing an open letter to the Governor, petitioning that he do his best to uphold the law and allow for a smoother transition during Boston's desegregation. It is signed by…

This article is published in MOSAIC's Spring 1985 edition. Students look back on their experiences with desegregation in Boston schools and in particular, busing.

Letter Congratulating Judge W. Arthur Garrity on his desegregation decision.

D. David Bloom, a Mattapan native, was in third grade during the beginning of desegregation in the Boston public. This interview with Vini Maranan describes his experiences during that time.

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A letter from Australia addressed grievances against integration of schools in Boston. Letter mentions inferiority of blacks, need for separation of races, and cites international affairs regarding integration.

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Letter addressed to Mayor White highlighting a newspaper's ideas in Connecticut. The letter advocated to bus Boston's teachers instead of students.
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