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A letter written to Ruth Batson from a greatful METCO parent informing Ruth of her child's college acceptance and thanking her for her help.

An unpublished report by Ruth Batson called "The METCO Story." This page outlines the considerations taken in choosing students to participate in METCO in the summer of 1966.

Two pages from an unpublished report "The METCO Story" written by Ruth Batson. These pages highlight questions asked at parent informational meetings in the summer of 1966.

Letter from a METCO parent to Ruth Batson, thanking Ruth for allowing her daughter to be part of METCO.

Resume of Ruth M. Batson, ca. 1995.

A letter to Ruth M. Batson from Robert Place, Principal of Marblehead Junior High regarding her retirement from METCO.

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Letter from the director of the METCO program in the Newton Public Schools to Ruth M. Batson, wishing her well on her retirement from METCO.

An outline of requirements for the application process for METCO participation.

A Report from Ruth M. Batson, assistant director of METCO, updating the board of directors on the application process.

In this letter to the Mass. State Senator William Owens, Jean McGuire expresses her concern about the pivotal role of METCO in Boston desegregation, and how it may affect the future of the program. She insists that METCO should stay on its current…
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