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Garrity 09_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from Mattapan resident who voiced strong opposition to busing.

Garrity 03_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Mattapan resident who congratulated Judge Garrity for his court decision.

Photograph of student, David Bloom, at the beginning of desegregation in the Boston public schools.

Letter to Mayor White from a Hyde Park resident who is upset about the violent responses to busing in Boston. The writer is a young white woman who has lived her whole life in Boston. While she does not believe that violence is ever the answer to…

This is a letter from Mayor White that addressed the concerns of a Mattapan couple. His secretary's notes noted that they were worried that their twin children would not attend the same school.

This letter and notes pertain to a Mattapan woman's concern that her children would not receive adequate transportation for school.

D. David Bloom, a Mattapan native, was in third grade during the beginning of desegregation in the Boston public. This interview with Vini Maranan describes his experiences during that time.
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