Domestic Responses

Mayor Kevin White received letters from American citizens outside of Massachusetts. These letters ranged from sympathy and admiration for the mayor to criticism. As the media continued to portray the events in Boston across the United States, letters flooded White's office offering suggestions, stories about personal experiences, and harsh criticisms. 

Some common themes to recognize: 

1) Justification (for/ against) through the law

2) References to Boston's history

3) North/South racial differences/ criticisms


The map below displays the letters by geographic location. Click on each point in the map to view the letters. 

These four selected letters below demonstrate some of the opinions Mayor Kevin White received concerning school integration. Click on the map to see all of the letters by location or visit the Kevin White page to view them in a gallery. 

The full collection can be viewed at the Boston City Archives in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. 


Caitlin Pinkham, a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Exhibited collections appear courtesy of Boston City Archives.

Domestic Responses