International Reactions

  Boston Busing quickly became a national issue and jettisoned Boston into an international spotlight.  The mayor received letters from as far away as Australia and as close to the border as Mexico.  A Chaplin of Guadalajara, Mexico noted the concern residents had about Boston.  “The tourists from Latin America are AFRAID of Boston.”  International letters tended to address international history as well.  A resident of Sydney, Australia cited incidents in Japan and declared black Americans racially inferior.  

Although a smaller collection, these letters indicate how the situation in Boston not only became an interest to other states, but internationally.  Click  the points on the map to view all the letters. 

These selected letters illustrate some of the international reactions to Boston busing and Mayor Kevin White.


Caitlin Pinkham, a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Exhibited collections appear courtesy of Boston City Archives.

International Reactions