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Letter from Providence, Rhode Island.jpg
Disgusted with the violence in Boston, this resident of Rhode Island suggested the intervention of religious officials.

Letter from Bristol, Florida.jpg
Mayor Kevin White thanked the resident of Florida for the book they provided. He encouraged the resident to keep their faith and ask questions about the busing situation.

This letter sent to Judge Garrity from a minister in San Francisco, California expressed "indebtedness" for the Judge's recent decision to desegregate Boston schools.

racial questions.jpg
This is the cover of a 24-page booklet entitled The Bible Answers Racial Questions that was sent to Judge Garrity anonymously. The booklet lists Biblical passages that employ the words "white," "black," "color," or similar key phrases and analyzes…

the sun.jpg
This drawing served as the cover for "The Sun," a small publication by a church based in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. The sketching depicts a Bible, tree, American flag, and the sun with a cross. A copy of "The Sun" was sent to Judge…

new hampshire.jpg
This letter was sent to Judge Garrity to express support for his decision to desegregate Boston's schools. The author acknowledges that many outside of Boston and the nation have been watching the case and its aftermath unfold. The author implies…

This invitation to a recognize an organized "Day of Mourning" was sent to Judge Garrity. The invitation interprets Garrity's decision to desegregate schools as a violation of rights. It encourages parents to keep children home from school and instead…

This letter was sent to Judge W. Arthur Garrity from religious leaders in Selma, Alabama to offer thoughts on the desegregation of Boston Public Schools. The author(s) explain the state of integration in the South, as well as the power of courts in…

This letter was sent to Judge W. Arthur Garrity by a Boston church representative to invite him to a prayer breakfast for Boston Public Schools. The breakfast was sponsored by the Ecumenical Committee for Safety and Education and held at the Boston…

This card was sent to Judge Garrity to notify him of mass services held "for [his] welfare and intentions" at St. Anthony Shrine.
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