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Garrity -- 05.pdf
This letter from "A White Irish American" uses very patriotic language to describe their support of Garrity.

Report by Alden T. Nelson discussing a complaint filed concerning a bomb threat against Judge Arthur Garrity.

This letter was sent to Bishop John M. Burgess from Arnold C. Vanderhoop, President of METCO Board of Directors, thanking him for his support of the Racial Imbalance law and stressing the importance of the continued involvement of his congregation in…

Proposal Page 1.jpg
The foundational document of the newly formed METCO program following the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965

METCO Letter.png
This letter to the METCO officers are invited to a meeting to discuss a plan of action for suburban expansion. Also discussed is a plan for funding, State Board of Education, and METCO as an entirely voluntary program.

METCO Parents Council support letter.png
A letter from the Whittier Street Center thanking the Associate Director of METCO for a successful program and a plan to organize an official parents council for METCO.

A pamphlet, produced by the Finance Commission of Boston, listing 107 (of over 1000) recommendations suggested by "The Strayer Report.” Accomplishments occurred in the ten years after the survey’s publication.

Selections from the informational pamphlet from the First National R.O.A.R Convention, held in Boston. The pamphlet consists of the numerous supporters and donors of R.O.A.R. The pamphlet also includes an introductory welcome from Louise Day Hicks.

Mayor Kevin White.jpg
Portrait of Mayor Kevin H. White

Photograph of the exterior of Jamaica Plain High School, Elm St., Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA.
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