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This letter from a Virginia minister commends Mayor Kevin White for enforcing court-ordered school desegregation. The author indicates that people in rural areas across the nation are looking to Boston as an example and advocates for equal education…

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This letter from Providence, RI commends Mayor Kevin White for enforcing the decision of the courts to implement school desegregation. The author tells White that organizing greater involvement of clergy members might make the process more peaceful…

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This letter, written prior to Judge Garrity's ruling, was written by a reverend at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. The author asks Mayor Kevin White will follow the principles of King and seek to integrate…

A photograph taken in a Boston, MA, classroom of children from mixed races sitting at a table.

An overview of the decision of Board of Education of Massachusetts for withholding close to $52 million in funding for the Boston Public Schools on account of the Boston School Committee's failure to adhere to the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965.

An act passed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts redefining the meaning of "racial imbalance"

Correspondence between Mayor Kevin White and a Portsmouth, NH resident who believes that by "attempting to forward minority rights," Boston and the Mayor are taking away the rights of the majority. The mayor responded that while he has always opposed…

Correspondence between Mayor Kevin White and a woman in Inglewood, CA who has experienced busing in her town. She stated that violence is on the rise in schools and many white families are leaving Inglewood.

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A daily Boston police log sent to Mayor Kevin White's office, detailing police activities for that day, regarding the desegregation of Boston public schools. There were several events and incidents reported that day, including an altercation at…

Data from a census taken on October 1, 1972 of all the white and non-white students in the Boston Public Schools
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