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Minutes from the Boston School Committee regarding the BSC's relation ship with Superintendent Leary and the hiring of new custodians.

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Minutes from the Boston School Committee regarding choosing DiMento & Sullivan representing the BSC in court.

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Minutes from the Boston School Committee regarding the election of Marion Fahey to school superintendent.

Flyer calling for a student gathering in protest of Phase II and in support of a student generated petition.

Flyer handed out at Hyde Park High School calling for action against Phase II citing overcrowding of the cafeteria.

Memorandum to John W. Cameron of the U.S. Marshals discussing plans for the increased stationing of law enforcement in Phase II.

Report by Alden T. Nelson discussing a complaint filed concerning a bomb threat against Judge Arthur Garrity.

Booklet prepared for the use of field commanders during the fall's Phase II implementation, compilation of information to use in devising order maintenance strategies.

Reference booklet published by the Boston Police outlining policies and procedures involved in the implementation of Phase II in relation to police conduct.

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Written report to Superintendent in Chief Joseph M. Jordan of investigation into anti-Phase II pamphlet passed out at Hyde Park High School.
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