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METCO sub community parti pg 21.png
A report for the Carnegie Corporation on the status of the METCO program. The report is divided into 7 parts: overview, support and opposition, community participation, chronology of development, host families, evaluation and the present and…

METCO Building 1.png
METCO produced a training booklet for teachers in suburban schools. It describes the problem of integration and then lays out the objectives for the training meetings for teachers in host schools.

METCO statement of income and expense june1 -sept 13 1966.jpg
This simple list of income and expenses for METCO shows where the funding for the METCO program came from in order to get the program functional in 1966. The list of expenses highlight how small the program was in the beginning years.

METCO Research and Eval.png
In response to the Educational Committee of the NAACP and other groups concerns about problems and deficiencies in Boston schools, this evaluation of the early stages of the program was conducted

METCO Proposed Evals.png
The Research Advisory committee wanted to evaluate METCO's students, teachers, school systems, and towns in terms of achievement, attitudes, aspirations and perception of METCO students. One major area to be looked at by the research advisory…

METCO PC 4 March 1967.png
Summary of small discussion groups that discuss the opinions of parents and their responsibilities for expanding African American history in schools by grade levels.

METCO Parents Council support letter.png
A letter from the Whittier Street Center thanking the Associate Director of METCO for a successful program and a plan to organize an official parents council for METCO.

METCO Parent Council 14 Dec 1967.png
The Parents Council met in 1967 to discuss a checklist in order to discover problems in host families, parent volunteers, car pools and more. Discussion of eliciting back up host families for students as well. Proposed that social gatherings for…

METCO PC Adult Questionaire.jpg
The purpose of this questionnaire for METCO parents is for administrators to get to know the parents education and socioeconomic levels. This was part of the research and evaluation process in the late 1960s.

METCO Board 21 Nov 68.png
This meeting of the officers of METCO discussed money for more staff, teacher training grants, tutors for students, new communities and student participants, Boston School Committee, future financial needs, state budget, transportation issues
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