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Police report accounting alleged assault of 10-year-old white female by unknown black female in the schoolyard of the Eliot School.

Police report accounting assaults on two white females by a black female at the Edison School in Brighton.

Police report accounting the arrest of a 15 year old black male for disturbing school assembly in Dorchester by fighting.

citywide student demands.jpg
List of articulated demands drawn up by Boston students with requests including amnesty from busing requirements, proper incident reports, and a higher quality of education.

Flyer in support of student arrested in protest of Phase II from Hyde Park High School requesting attendance of his arraignment.

Armband worn by U.S. Marshals on patrol as part of "Operation Quarterback" during early implementation of Phase II.

Hand-written table accounting suspension statistics of nine school categories during the first month of Phase II implementation.

Memorandum from John A. Birknes, Jr. sent to all U.S. Marshal personnel including a scathing newspaper article as a reminder to be aware of the integrity of their public operations.

Flyer requesting attendance of a public march on the Boston courthouse at City Hall Plaza on the first day of school to initiate a strike to stop Phase II.

Report itemizing various incidents by type, frequency of occurrence, and sometimes location and including information on arrests organized by location.
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