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Cover from a booklet Ruth M Batson and Lyda Peter wrote, "Community Crisis Intervention and Boston's Desegregation Effort."

This invitation to a recognize an organized "Day of Mourning" was sent to Judge Garrity. The invitation interprets Garrity's decision to desegregate schools as a violation of rights. It encourages parents to keep children home from school and instead…

The Citizens for the Boston Schools published their research results in this informational pamphlet in September 1965. Following several attempts to get BPS to publish demographics, pay scales and other information, the group did research themselves…

A student at South Boston High shares his memories of growing up in South Boston during the desegregation process of public schools.

Front page of the booklet depicting busing, police officers, and a child with a sign appealing for Congress to stop busing of students as a means of integrating schools.

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This article gives insight in to what students thought about discrimination and experiences the had with it.

Motion from Boston School Committee to allow the NAACP to attend one of their meetings to discuss the future of segregation in the Boston Public Schools and the lack of awareness.

This document outlines the Racial Imbalance Act that was passed in 1965 and some of the threats to it. The bill allowed the state Board of Education to take away funding from districts that had schools that were racially imbalanced, as defined by the…

A pamphlet, produced by the Finance Commission of Boston, listing 107 (of over 1000) recommendations suggested by "The Strayer Report.” Accomplishments occurred in the ten years after the survey’s publication.

This article is published in MOSAIC's Spring 1985 edition. Students look back on their experiences with desegregation in Boston schools and in particular, busing.
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