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Photograph of Edward Everett School in Dorchester.

A pamphlet, produced by the Finance Commission of Boston, listing 107 (of over 1000) recommendations suggested by "The Strayer Report.” Accomplishments occurred in the ten years after the survey’s publication.

A letter written to Ruth Batson from a greatful METCO parent informing Ruth of her child's college acceptance and thanking her for her help.

Flyer to promote a meeting of the Public Education Committee of the NAACP, Boston Branch, with the Boston School Committee.

Wellesley Senior High School yearbook, 1978. Page 56 shows snapshots of Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) students at Wellesley Senior High School.

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A letter from Ruth Batson, chairman of the Public Education Committee of the NAACP Boston Branch, to Louise Day Hicks, chairman of the Boston School Committee, outlining the discussion points the NAACP would like to make at the August 15th, 1963…

An unpublished report by Ruth Batson called "The METCO Story." This page outlines the considerations taken in choosing students to participate in METCO in the summer of 1966.

Two pages from an unpublished report "The METCO Story" written by Ruth Batson. These pages highlight questions asked at parent informational meetings in the summer of 1966.

Photograph of Ruth M. Batson sitting in a crowded room waiting for a Boston School Committee meeting.

Ruth M. Batson shaking hands with Judge W. Arthur Garrity.
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