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A statement by Mayor Kevin H. White addressing his satisfaction with a ruling releasing close to $52 million of funding for the Boston Public Schools. The funds were previously withheld from the Massachusetts Board of Education due to the Boston…

A paper written by Mayor Kevin H. White outlining his positions on racial imbalance within the Boston Public Schools

A statement given by Mayor Kevin H. White on the problems with the Racial Imbalance Law and laying out the framework for his own desegregation plan

Letter from New York, New York.jpg
Mayor Kevin White wrote a brief general letter to a resident of New York concerning Boston Busing. The mayor indicated that his main concern was student safety. He thanked the resident for their suggestions.

Letter from Bristol, Florida.jpg
Mayor Kevin White thanked the resident of Florida for the book they provided. He encouraged the resident to keep their faith and ask questions about the busing situation.

Letter from Inglewood, California.jpg
Mayor Kevin White forwarded the letter from a resident of Inglewood, California and thanked them for writing.

Letter from Dalton, GA, Mayor Kevin White Response.jpg
Mayor Kevin White responded to a resident of Dalton, Georgia, He agreed that Boston needed to seek peace and stated that Boston was looking into alternatives to forced busing.

Letter from Nottingham England Response.jpg
A general letter response from Mayor Kevin White to a resident of Nottingham, England. White emphasized the importance of safety and resources fro the state and national governments.

These notes pertain to a Dorchester resident who asked why the taxpayers had to pay for busing. Mayor White clarified that state representatives vetoed a proposal for state funding of busing.

This note mentions that the hostess of the coffee klatch introduced Mayor White to her son who "'will be bused this fall.'" She also asked the mayor what would "happen if children were brought back the Murphy School." She asked him, "how many empty…
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