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When the desegregation of Boston Public Schools made national headlines, students across the country sent letters to Mayor Kevin White giving advice, criticism, and concern. This student shares his/her experiences about integration.

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This article gives insight in to what students thought about discrimination and experiences the had with it.

Notes from Mayor White's office which note a constituent's concern that the city might change when only 30% of the school population is white.

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Letter to Senator Kennedy which tried to disprove that black schools were of inferior quality.

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Letter to Judge Garrity from Dorchester Resident who was concerned with "the criminal element in the black area."

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Letter to Judge Garrity from Dorchester resident, who felt that his city and "country are no longer a Democracy." He also showed concern about a "black Boston, not an integrated one."

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Letter from Jamaica Plain resident, who complained that "colored" people "changed the face of Roxbury."

Mayor Kevin White responded to Marc's words of wisdom about blacks and whites getting along.

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This poem is written by a young child witnessing the turmoil between whites and blacks during busing.

During the desegregation of Boston public schools Mayor Kevin White received numerous letters, including students in Boston and across the country. This particular student wrote to Mayor White explaining that schools in Florida were integrated and…
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