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A Mass Card given for the intentions of Judge Garrity. The giver indicates that more men are needed like Garrity.

This letter is offering support to Judge W. Arthur Garrity. The author is pleased the Garrity is standing firm against abuse from people who are anti-busing and believes that decision was long over due.

In this letter, the author is very happy that Judge Garrity is finally forcing the city to integrate. The author does not agree with busing, but recognizes it as a means to a very important ends.

This letter offers Judge Garrity support and explains that the author has been in several school systems during integration. The author believes that the only way to to get over irrational fear it is to sit down and converse with the other race.

This letter tells Judge Garrity that many people agree with him and are on his side although they are silent. He also encloses a patriotic letter he wrote to his local paper about desegregation.

Garrity -- 02_Redacted.pdf
This letter supports Garrity. The author says he does not believe that busing is the best method but it seems like its the only way.

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This note of support for Judge Garrity indicated that the author believes Garrity is brave to maintain his stand. The author also works at a local university and says the racism is spreading to higher education.

Garrity -- 04_Redacted.pdf
This postcard believes that Garrity is the "only hope for Boston". The writer is ashamed about the racism in Boston.

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This letter is from an African American man who attended school in Boston with several of Garrity colleagues. He says at the time there was not "racial foolishness".

Garrity -- 07_Redacted.pdf
This Western Union telegram uses very patriotic language to express his support of Garrity
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