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Letter from Atlanta, Georgia4.jpg
A resident of Atlanta, Georgia disagreed with the role of the government in accordance with Boston busing. The letter cited "Brown V. Board of Education" and argued the government's decisions have led to "the destruction of business and industry."The…

Letter from Atlanta, Georgia.jpg
A resident of Atlanta, Georgia requested that the Mayor play their song, "Colorful America" in order to unite Boston residents.

Letter from Bristol, Florida1.jpg
A resident of Bristol, Florida argued that races should not mix if it is against God's will. The letter cited Boston's history, international history and north/ south aggression. The resident believed in the superiority of the white race and claimed…

Conneticut Response.jpg
Letter addressed to Mayor White highlighting a newspaper's ideas in Connecticut. The letter advocated to bus Boston's teachers instead of students.

Letter from Dalton, Georgia.jpg
A resident of Dalton,Georgia created a poem to address the discrimination of children in Boston. The poem emphasized the need for religion in schools to teach children about peace.

St. Augustines.jpg
Fourth grade students from St Augustine School (Lawrence, MA) send their prayers for Mayor Kevin White and the students of Boston.

Letter from Inglewood, California3.jpg
This resident wrote to Mayor Kevin White with "anger, outrage and pity. Citing their own experiences in California and private schooling.

Letter from Johnstown, New York.jpg
This brief letter from a resident of New York asked the Mayor to enlist the Dorchester football players to "help overcome the burdens." The resident felt sympathy towards the situation in Boston.

Letter from Long Beach, California.jpg
This letter from California addressed race awareness in children. The resident stated that they were in shock of the parent's of students reactions to integration especially foreign parents. The resident argued that parents made the situation worse…

This letter and notes pertain to a Mattapan woman's concern that her children would not receive adequate transportation for school.
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