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The foundational document of the newly formed METCO program following the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965

The Massachusetts Black Caucus and other Black Community Organizations are writing an open letter to the Governor, petitioning that he do his best to uphold the law and allow for a smoother transition during Boston's desegregation. It is signed by…

Preliminary proposal to Carnegie Corp for funding METCO program

A letter from METCO to the State Board of Education requesting more funding for the METCO program. Highlights the success of the program over the last decade.

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This report to the Board of Directors of METCO in 1974 discusses the idea of expanding METCO to vocational and technical high schools and the additional costs associated with the expansion.

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This is a copy of a letter that was sent by Phillip Snowden of Freedom House INC. to Thomas Atkins, President of the Boston Branch of the NAACP. It is clear from this, as well as various other copies of letters in the METCO correspondence files that…

This is a copy of a letter sent from Roger Tyler of the Columbia Point Concerned Citizens to the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, Robert DiGrazia. The letter lists the grievances of Columbia Point residents about unequal enforcement of…

This is a letter sent by Hebert E. Tucker Jr. asking for the continued financial support for Freedom House from all of their contributors. The letter also outlines their continued efforts foster community betterment and thanks contributors for their…

Memorandum sent out to Coordinated Social Service Council Members, alerting them to a Freedom House meeting on May 15, 1975 to talk about reactions to Judge W. Arthur Garrity's decision on Phase II of the plan for Boston desegregation issued on May…

In a letter sent to METCO directors from Otto and Muriel Snowden, the Snowdens thank METCO for their support. It seems that the Snowdens were going through a difficult time at the height of Boston desegregation, and we can assume from this letter…
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