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Jean McGuire wrote to the President of the Boston Globe in response to a series of articles published by the Globe about METCO and its administration. The letter is imploring him and his staff to meet with METCO representatives to prevent the Globe…

Jean McGuire wrote to Dr. Ansig stating that METCO information on budgeting and strategy will be made available to the Board of Education. She stresses that in order to maintain a working relationship for the betterment of education, as well as…

This letter is applauding Marion Fahey and the Boston School Committee for hiring Muriel K. Harris as the new community Superintendent of District 9. Harris, as noted by Jean McGuire, held a doctorate in administration from Harvard University and…

This letter from Jean McGuire to Cardinal Medieros is thanking him for the Archdiocese of Boston's support of the Racial Imbalance Law over the year, and expresses hope that the support will be continued.

In this letter to the Mass. State Senator William Owens, Jean McGuire expresses her concern about the pivotal role of METCO in Boston desegregation, and how it may affect the future of the program. She insists that METCO should stay on its current…

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Letter from the director of the METCO program in the Newton Public Schools to Ruth M. Batson, wishing her well on her retirement from METCO.

Preliminary proposal to Carnegie Corp for funding METCO program

A letter from METCO to the State Board of Education requesting more funding for the METCO program. Highlights the success of the program over the last decade.

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This report to the Board of Directors of METCO in 1974 discusses the idea of expanding METCO to vocational and technical high schools and the additional costs associated with the expansion.

An outline of requirements for the application process for METCO participation.
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