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Ruth M. Batson shaking hands with Judge W. Arthur Garrity.

Letter to Judge Garrity from Freedom House, Institute on Schools and Education outlinging their problems with Phase I, concerns with Phase II, and their recommendations.

Letter to Judge Garrity from the Coordinated Social Services Council of Freedom House regarding concerns of the monitoring plan and informational component for Phase II.

Letter to Judge W. Arthur Garrity from Jean McGuire on behalf of parents, faculty and students of William Lloyd Garrison School of Roxbury. The letter requests his support in maintaining a successful and quality integrated school program in 1 of the…

Otto and Muriel Snowden, along with Freedom House and other leading members in the black community in Boston got together and sent this critique of the School Committee's Desegregation Plan to Judge W. Arthur Garrity. The Plan was issued on December…

Memorandum sent out to Coordinated Social Service Council Members, alerting them to a Freedom House meeting on May 15, 1975 to talk about reactions to Judge W. Arthur Garrity's decision on Phase II of the plan for Boston desegregation issued on May…
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