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Letter from Mayor White to Dorchester resident who showed concern regarding taxes and residents' ability to pay for busing. Draft notes from the mayor's office are included as well.

Letter from a Dorchester parent to one of their children's schools. The parent informs the school of the reason for the child's absence, which is violence related to busing. The parent's daughter had been assaulted, and they did not want the other…

Garrity 01_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from concerned Dorchester resident, who wrote that the School Committee was "not supplying buses for the children" in her area. She asked him if her community could "either have the buses for transfers back to the [redacted]…

Garrity 04_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from Dorchester resident, who felt that his city and "country are no longer a Democracy." He also showed concern about a "black Boston, not an integrated one."

Garrity 05_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from Dorchester resident who was concerned that her daughter would not be attending the same high school she attended for the last three years.

Garrity 08_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from Dorchester Resident who was concerned with "the criminal element in the black area."

Letter from a Dorchester resident to Mayor Kevin White describing their disdain for the busing plan. Their definition of a neighborhood necessarily includes educational institutions, and they contend that busing students to other schools diminishes…


Notes from Mayor White's office, which concern a Dorhcester resident. She asked the mayor about the possibility of withholding their property taxes that go to schools. She also felt that she would get into grouble for speaking out against busing.

This note mentions that the hostess of the coffee klatch introduced Mayor White to her son who "'will be bused this fall.'" She also asked the mayor what would "happen if children were brought back the Murphy School." She asked him, "how many empty…

This brief memo was addressed to Boston-area ministers with the news that local police had temporarily but forcibly occupied the Columbia Point Christian Center due to tensions regarding busing. Columbia Point, a subsection of Dorchester, was well…


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