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This letter and notes pertain to a Mattapan woman's concern that her children would not receive adequate transportation for school.

This is a letter from Mayor White that addressed the concerns of a Mattapan couple. His secretary's notes noted that they were worried that their twin children would not attend the same school.

Notes from Mayor White's office which note a constituent's concern that the city might change when only 30% of the school population is white.

Notes from Mayor White's office, which concern a Dorhcester resident. She asked the mayor about the possibility of withholding their property taxes that go to schools. She also felt that she would get into grouble for speaking out against busing.

This note mentions that the hostess of the coffee klatch introduced Mayor White to her son who "'will be bused this fall.'" She also asked the mayor what would "happen if children were brought back the Murphy School." She asked him, "how many empty…

These notes pertain to a Dorchester resident who asked why the taxpayers had to pay for busing. Mayor White clarified that state representatives vetoed a proposal for state funding of busing.
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