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Cover from a booklet Ruth M Batson and Lyda Peter wrote, "Community Crisis Intervention and Boston's Desegregation Effort."

Letter to Ruth M. Batson from the John E. Powers, president of the Massachusetts State Senate, regarding his retirement.

A letter to Ruth M. Batson from Robert Place, Principal of Marblehead Junior High regarding her retirement from METCO.

Letter to Judge Garrity from the Coordinated Social Services Council of Freedom House regarding concerns of the monitoring plan and informational component for Phase II.

A letter written to Ruth Batson from a greatful METCO parent informing Ruth of her child's college acceptance and thanking her for her help.

Garrity -- 01.pdf
This letter to Garrity from December 1975, commends Garrity on his decision. Bedell, the author, includes a clipping from the Washington Star that describes Garrity in the court room. 

Garrity -- 05.pdf
This letter from "A White Irish American" uses very patriotic language to describe their support of Garrity.

This letter tells Judge Garrity that many people agree with him and are on his side although they are silent. He also encloses a patriotic letter he wrote to his local paper about desegregation.

Garrity -- 10_Redacted.pdf
This letter from February 1975 to Judge W. Arthur Garrity Jr. The author believes that quality education is a "gift every American should enjoy".

commend letter.jpg
This letter is a brief note of support for Garrity in which the author explains that the decision have restored a "great strength in my belief in Justice".
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