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The foundational document of the newly formed METCO program following the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965

Preliminary proposal to Carnegie Corp for funding METCO program

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Students from advanced fourth and fifth grade classes at the M.J. Tobin School in Roxbury shared their concerns about busing. They were afraid that Phase II of forced busing would end advanced classes and this would academically hold back from…

Judge Garrity's Courtroom.jpg
Students from an advanced fourth grade class from the M.J. Tobin School share their concerns about busing. They are afraid that they will be bussed to schools that do not have advanced classes and they will be academically held back from reaching…

Garrity 01_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from concerned Dorchester resident, who wrote that the School Committee was "not supplying buses for the children" in her area. She asked him if her community could "either have the buses for transfers back to the [redacted]…

Garrity 03_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Mattapan resident who congratulated Judge Garrity for his court decision.

Many of these students worried about attending integrated schools. By the end of the year most of them admitted to enjoying the year and making new friends.

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This article gives insight in to what students thought about discrimination and experiences the had with it.

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Fourth grade students from St Augustine School (Lawrence, MA) send their prayers for Mayor Kevin White and the students of Boston.

A third grader wrote to Mayor White to tell him he wants the violence to stop.
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