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A pamphlet, produced by the Finance Commission of Boston, listing 107 (of over 1000) recommendations suggested by "The Strayer Report.” Accomplishments occurred in the ten years after the survey’s publication.

This article is published in MOSAIC's Spring 1985 edition. Students look back on their experiences with desegregation in Boston schools and in particular, busing.

Flyer calling for a student gathering in protest of Phase II and in support of a student generated petition.

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This drawing served as the cover for "The Sun," a small publication by a church based in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. The sketching depicts a Bible, tree, American flag, and the sun with a cross. A copy of "The Sun" was sent to Judge…

Flyer handed out at Hyde Park High School calling for action against Phase II citing overcrowding of the cafeteria.

This cartoon from the Mass Media, the University of Massachusetts Boston's weekly student newspaper, satirizes the untimeliness of desegregation in Boston by juxtaposing it alongside locations of notable activism during the Civil Rights Movement.

The exact origins of this letter, its specific creators, and its specific intended recipients are unknown, although it is clearly marked as a “draft.” It appears to be from a group calling themselves “the committee of correspondents” and writing to…

This memo is addressed to “Jimmy,” presumably Jim O’Leary, who was a member of Congressman Moakley’s district staff. It outlines the various anti-busing actions that Moakley has taken in Congress, including legislation and discharge petitions that he…

The specific authors of this statement are unknown, but they identify themselves in the text as “we, the parents of the children of Boston.” In the statement, the writers express their anger over the receivership of South Boston High School, calling…

This eight-page newsletter, published and distributed by the anti-busing West Roxbury Information Center, is, according to its creators, part of a series of publication that will present “a factual account of busing and its affect [sic] on the…
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