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Notes from Mayor White's office, which concern a Dorhcester resident. She asked the mayor about the possibility of withholding their property taxes that go to schools. She also felt that she would get into grouble for speaking out against busing.

Notes from Mayor White's office which note a constituent's concern that the city might change when only 30% of the school population is white.

Letter from Mayor White to Dorchester resident who showed concern regarding taxes and residents' ability to pay for busing. Draft notes from the mayor's office are included as well.

This is a letter from Mayor White that addressed the concerns of a Mattapan couple. His secretary's notes noted that they were worried that their twin children would not attend the same school.

This letter and notes pertain to a Mattapan woman's concern that her children would not receive adequate transportation for school.

This eight-page newsletter, published and distributed by the anti-busing West Roxbury Information Center, is, according to its creators, part of a series of publication that will present “a factual account of busing and its affect [sic] on the…

Wellesley Senior High School yearbook, 1978. Page 56 shows snapshots of Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) students at Wellesley Senior High School.

In this letter, State Senator Joseph B. Walsh urges Congressman Moakley “to resolve to correct the problems which have developed” as a result of forced busing, in accordance with a resolution recently passed by Louise Day Hicks and the Boston City…

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The opinion filed in the case of Morgan v. Hennigan written by Judge W. Arthur Garrity.

A resident of Providence, RI writes to Louise Day Hicks advising Hicks to use the Supreme Court's definition of a "school day" as a means to challenge Judge Garrity's decision
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