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This letter is from an African American man who attended school in Boston with several of Garrity colleagues. He says at the time there was not "racial foolishness".

Garrity -- 07_Redacted.pdf
This Western Union telegram uses very patriotic language to express his support of Garrity

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This letter is a brief note of support for Garrity in which the author explains that the decision have restored a "great strength in my belief in Justice".

Garrity -- 10_Redacted.pdf
This letter from February 1975 to Judge W. Arthur Garrity Jr. The author believes that quality education is a "gift every American should enjoy".

Garrity -- 05.pdf
This letter from "A White Irish American" uses very patriotic language to describe their support of Garrity.

Garrity -- 01.pdf
This letter to Garrity from December 1975, commends Garrity on his decision. Bedell, the author, includes a clipping from the Washington Star that describes Garrity in the court room. 

Garrity 01_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from concerned Dorchester resident, who wrote that the School Committee was "not supplying buses for the children" in her area. She asked him if her community could "either have the buses for transfers back to the [redacted]…

Garrity 02_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Jamaica Plain resident, who complained that "colored" people "changed the face of Roxbury."

Garrity 03_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Mattapan resident who congratulated Judge Garrity for his court decision.

Garrity 04_Redacted.pdf
Letter to Judge Garrity from Dorchester resident, who felt that his city and "country are no longer a Democracy." He also showed concern about a "black Boston, not an integrated one."
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