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This letter was sent to Judge Garrity to express support for his decision to desegregate Boston's schools. The author acknowledges that many outside of Boston and the nation have been watching the case and its aftermath unfold. The author implies…

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This drawing served as the cover for "The Sun," a small publication by a church based in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. The sketching depicts a Bible, tree, American flag, and the sun with a cross. A copy of "The Sun" was sent to Judge…

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This is the cover of a 24-page booklet entitled The Bible Answers Racial Questions that was sent to Judge Garrity anonymously. The booklet lists Biblical passages that employ the words "white," "black," "color," or similar key phrases and analyzes…

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This news release was drafted by "a group of concerned women" living in Boston and who share a common employer (redacted). The release expresses worry for the city of Boston and the ways in which issues of race and class are bringing about…

This letter sent to Judge Garrity from a minister in San Francisco, California expressed "indebtedness" for the Judge's recent decision to desegregate Boston schools.

Garrity -- 02_Redacted.pdf
This letter supports Garrity. The author says he does not believe that busing is the best method but it seems like its the only way.

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This note of support for Judge Garrity indicated that the author believes Garrity is brave to maintain his stand. The author also works at a local university and says the racism is spreading to higher education.

Garrity -- 04_Redacted.pdf
This postcard believes that Garrity is the "only hope for Boston". The writer is ashamed about the racism in Boston.

Garrity -- 05.pdf
This letter from "A White Irish American" uses very patriotic language to describe their support of Garrity.

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This letter is from an African American man who attended school in Boston with several of Garrity colleagues. He says at the time there was not "racial foolishness".
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