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A fact sheet for parents of Boston provided by the West Roxbury Information Center. This fact sheet is particularly on information for summer activities.

A "Top Secret" First Draft of proposed structured guidelines for ROAR (Restore Our Alienated Rights). This 8-page packet includes ideas for conducting the executive board of ROAR.

A flier from a resident of Springfield, MA, sent to Louise Day Hicks representing the sender's displeasure with busing for school integration.

The outline of the city of Boston of the new districts as set fourth in the State Plan.

A letter from a Wrentham resident to Louise Day Hicks stating his support for R.O.A.R. The resident wrote about the nationwide television presence of R.O.A.R, specifically mentioning the negative stance from the churches. The resident suggests an…

Letter from a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, to Louise Day Hicks about his neighborhood's efforts to form a citizen's committee in Wilmington against the government "take-over" of his county's school system. The resident claims that the aim of the…

A letter from a retired couple from Florida desiring to send a check to the ROAR organization and to praise the work done by Louise Day Hicks.

Letter and card from a couple in Richmond, Virginia, thanking the members of ROAR for welcoming them to the national ROAR convention with friendly smiles. The couple claim that the members of ROAR are the nicest people they ever met. The couple also…

A resident of Albuquerque, NM, writes to Louise Day Hicks calling for a boycott of major media corporations in response to forced busing

A two page letter from a resident of Phoenix, Arizona praising Louise Day Hicks and donating money for a "Funds for Boston" campaign.
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