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A resident of Providence, RI writes to Louise Day Hicks advising Hicks to use the Supreme Court's definition of a "school day" as a means to challenge Judge Garrity's decision

A "Top Secret" First Draft of proposed structured guidelines for ROAR (Restore Our Alienated Rights). This 8-page packet includes ideas for conducting the executive board of ROAR.

A list of the high, middle, elementary, and postgraduate schools within the 10th district in the Boston public school system.

A newspaper clipping from an article about ROAR's "March on Washington" in 1975. The clipping, found in the Louise Day Hicks papers at Boston City Archives, states that ROAR marched to demand a constitutional amendment to block school busing.

The outline of the city of Boston of the new districts as set fourth in the State Plan.

A letter from a Wrentham resident to Louise Day Hicks stating his support for R.O.A.R. The resident wrote about the nationwide television presence of R.O.A.R, specifically mentioning the negative stance from the churches. The resident suggests an…

Letter from a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, to Louise Day Hicks about his neighborhood's efforts to form a citizen's committee in Wilmington against the government "take-over" of his county's school system. The resident claims that the aim of the…

A letter from a member of UCCR, United Citizens for Constitutional Rights, group to Louise Day Hicks about the grim condition of anti-busing group efforts in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The member writes that the group disbanded and needed ROAR to…

A letter from a resident of Morristown, New Jersey, to Louise Day Hicks commending both Hick's work and the efforts of R.O.A.R through encouragement to "keep up the good work". The resident also mentions his own state of New Jersey where despite…

A letter from a retired couple from Florida desiring to send a check to the ROAR organization and to praise the work done by Louise Day Hicks.
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