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A resident of Charlotte, NC, writes to Louise Day Hicks about how much money some families are spending on sending their children to private schools to keep them away from the violence brought on by busing.

A resident of Iredell, TX, writes to Louise Day Hicks in opposition to forced busing, which the author calls "Operation White Removal."

A resident of the borough of Bronx in New New York, NY, writes to Louise Day Hicks mentioning how Judge Garrity's children, and children of other busing supporters, have never seen the inside of a public school. The author also points out the…

A letter from a Mrs. Lois A. Parrill of Denver, Colorado, telling Louise Day Hicks that the Denver ant-force busing group "Citizens Association for Neighborhood School" voted to join the R.O.A.R National Group.

A letter from a resident of Brooklyn, New York, telling Louise Day Hicks about her stand on forced busing on how it destroys self-government and the rights of parents. The resident also urges Louise Day Hicks to keep the fight going with R.O.A.R. and…

A letter from a resident of Morristown, New Jersey, to Louise Day Hicks commending both Hick's work and the efforts of R.O.A.R through encouragement to "keep up the good work". The resident also mentions his own state of New Jersey where despite…

A member of the Citizens for Neighborhood Schools group in Dallas, TX, writes to Louise Day Hicks saying that they sympathize with her cause. The author then suggests that Hicks lead the national organization of Citizens for Neighborhood Schools

A resident of Stamford, CT, writes to Louise Day Hicks commending her on her effort to "save the people of South Boston and their children from outside tyranny." The author goes on to describe their own home-schooling idea for the students of Boston.

A resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, writes to Louise Day Hicks invoking God in their defense of busing. The author thanks God for "that Judge who honors the Law and the Constitution."

A resident of Jacksonville, FL, writes to Louise Day Hicks expresses sympathy toward the people of Boston who are opposed to forced busing. The author adds that a unified effort is needed to combat the issue.
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