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A member of the Citizens for Neighborhood Schools group in Dallas, TX, writes to Louise Day Hicks saying that they sympathize with her cause. The author then suggests that Hicks lead the national organization of Citizens for Neighborhood Schools

A member of the Neighborhood School Association of New Castle County, writes to Louise Day Hicks commending Hicks for her effort in leading the anti-busing movement and suggests holding public anti-busing meetings

A resident of Alacant, Alicante, Spain writes to Louise Day Hicks praising Hicks for her "commendable campaign in favour of neighborhood schools in Boston"

A resident of Boston, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks praising her for her comments on WBZ-TV's Eyewitness News Conference.

A resident of Charlotte, NC, writes to Louise Day Hicks about how much money some families are spending on sending their children to private schools to keep them away from the violence brought on by busing.

A resident of DeFuniak Springs, FL, writes to Louise Day Hicks concerning the impact forced busing has on the nationwide "oil shortage."

A resident of Fort Worth, TX, writes to Louise Day Hicks about the amount of violence in schools nationwide as a result of forced busing. The author also urges for the removal of Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Edward Brooke from government office

A resident of Hingham, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks protesting the decision to desegregate the Boston Public Schools, claiming that "forced busing is not a remedy-it is a punishment."

A resident of Iredell, TX, writes to Louise Day Hicks in opposition to forced busing, which the author calls "Operation White Removal."

A letter from a resident of Jackson Heights, New York, telling Louise Day Hicks that she would win against Senator Ted Kennedy if she ran for the Senate. The resident believes that she would win because she is a woman against anti-busing. Louise Day…
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