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Letter and card from a couple in Richmond, Virginia, thanking the members of ROAR for welcoming them to the national ROAR convention with friendly smiles. The couple claim that the members of ROAR are the nicest people they ever met. The couple also…

Letter from a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, to Louise Day Hicks about his neighborhood's efforts to form a citizen's committee in Wilmington against the government "take-over" of his county's school system. The resident claims that the aim of the…

A letter from a resident of Jackson Heights, New York, telling Louise Day Hicks that she would win against Senator Ted Kennedy if she ran for the Senate. The resident believes that she would win because she is a woman against anti-busing. Louise Day…

A resident of Waltham, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks protesting busing, desegregation, and "reverse discrimination"

A resident of Lawrence, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks commending Hicks for her anti-busing stance and requesting for four anti-busing pins to add to their collection.

A resident of Boston, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks praising her for her comments on WBZ-TV's Eyewitness News Conference.

A resident of Hingham, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks protesting the decision to desegregate the Boston Public Schools, claiming that "forced busing is not a remedy-it is a punishment."

A resident of Providence, RI writes to Louise Day Hicks advising Hicks to use the Supreme Court's definition of a "school day" as a means to challenge Judge Garrity's decision

A resident of Marshfield, MA, writes to Louise Day Hicks in support of her anti-busing stance, saying that the majority of people in the Boston suburbs are anti-busing as well

A resident of Fort Worth, TX, writes to Louise Day Hicks about the amount of violence in schools nationwide as a result of forced busing. The author also urges for the removal of Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Edward Brooke from government office
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