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The foundational document of the newly formed METCO program following the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965

The Massachusetts Black Caucus and other Black Community Organizations are writing an open letter to the Governor, petitioning that he do his best to uphold the law and allow for a smoother transition during Boston's desegregation. It is signed by…

Preliminary proposal to Carnegie Corp for funding METCO program

The executive board committee of METCO met to discuss the upcoming school year and how the program would try to avoid publicity. METCO planned to give their own controlled press conference for invited media only. Committee members were asked to…

A letter from METCO to the State Board of Education requesting more funding for the METCO program. Highlights the success of the program over the last decade.

Follow up report to B of Dir pg 1.png
This report to the Board of Directors of METCO in 1974 discusses the idea of expanding METCO to vocational and technical high schools and the additional costs associated with the expansion.

METCO Minutes 1975.png
METCO Meeting minutes that document budgetary issues and the allowing of the treasurer to borrow money under METCO, INC to fund the program. Also of note, a delegation met in Washington, DC to discuss forced bussing and desegregation alongside ROAR…

This is a letter from Ms. Elma Lewis sent to Superintendent Dr. William Leary to alert him for an "Assembly of Justice" to be held by the Black Community Caucus for Quality Education. The letter lists demands to be discussed on behalf of the parents…

METCO Boaord 14 July 1966.png
The METCO office in Roxbury, MA officially opened and is actively assigning children to area public schools. The Board of Directors is pleased that the applicants are representative of the communities of South End-Roxbury/North Dorchester. It is…

METCO statement of income and expense june1 -sept 13 1966.jpg
This simple list of income and expenses for METCO shows where the funding for the METCO program came from in order to get the program functional in 1966. The list of expenses highlight how small the program was in the beginning years.
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