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This letter was sent to Bishop John M. Burgess from Arnold C. Vanderhoop, President of METCO Board of Directors, thanking him for his support of the Racial Imbalance law and stressing the importance of the continued involvement of his congregation in…

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The foundational document of the newly formed METCO program following the Racial Imbalance Act of 1965

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This letter to the METCO officers are invited to a meeting to discuss a plan of action for suburban expansion. Also discussed is a plan for funding, State Board of Education, and METCO as an entirely voluntary program.

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A letter from the Whittier Street Center thanking the Associate Director of METCO for a successful program and a plan to organize an official parents council for METCO.

Memorandum sent out to Coordinated Social Service Council Members, alerting them to a Freedom House meeting on May 15, 1975 to talk about reactions to Judge W. Arthur Garrity's decision on Phase II of the plan for Boston desegregation issued on May…

Letter notifying contributors of the 25th Anniversary Celebration and thanking them for all of their help over the first 25 years of Freedom House operations.

This is a news bulletin from Freedom House that was regularly distributed among all members and organizations involved with Freedom House. This particular bulletin outlines how members and people in the community that Freedom House largely serves…

This memo was sent to Jean McGuire, the Executive Director of METCO, letting her know that Freedom House has decided to hold a final wind-up meeting about the process of Boston's desegregation before the start of the school year on September 12,…

Otto and Muriel Snowden, along with Freedom House and other leading members in the black community in Boston got together and sent this critique of the School Committee's Desegregation Plan to Judge W. Arthur Garrity. The Plan was issued on December…

In this invitation and letter to Jean McGuire from Otto and Muriel Snowden at Freedom House, Jean McGuire is invited to attend a Dutch Treat Luncheon on May 15, 1974. The luncheon was being held to discuss a new Institute on Schools and Education…
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