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Report by Alden T. Nelson discussing a complaint filed concerning a bomb threat against Judge Arthur Garrity.

Police report accounting the occurrence of a student walkout involving 175 white students at Charlestown High School the morning of October 14, 1975.

Police report recording a student boycott in which 30 students from Roxbury refused to get off the bus to attend classes at Charlestown High School the morning of October 16, 1975.

Police report accounting the arrest of a 15 year old black male for disturbing school assembly in Dorchester by fighting.

Police report accounting assaults on two white females by a black female at the Edison School in Brighton.

Police report accounting alleged assault of 10-year-old white female by unknown black female in the schoolyard of the Eliot School.

Police report accounting an assault by a 11-year-old black female from Roxbury on a 12-year-old white female at the Michaelangelo School.

Police report accounting an assault by a 13-year-old black female of a Brighton teacher at the Edison School.

Police report accounting a fight between a black and a white student at Hyde Park High School resulting in suspension.

Hand-written table accounting suspension statistics of nine school categories during the first month of Phase II implementation.
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