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This document created by the Boston Public Schools articulates both the projected and actual enrollment as broken down by school, area, and race during the first week of Phase II's implementation.

Front page of the booklet depicting busing, police officers, and a child with a sign appealing for Congress to stop busing of students as a means of integrating schools.

Professional portrait of Congressman John Joseph Moakley

Congressman John Joseph Moakley hold a gavel while sitting at the House Rules Committee table

John Joseph Moakley poses with a sailfish and fishing pole in Miami, Florida. Moakley attended the University of Miami for one year.

John Joseph Moakley (right) with his brothers, Robert and Thomas

John Joseph Moakley and his wife, Evelyn, in hats and fake mustaches, holding a newspaper announcing his election to the Massachusetts State Senate

Congressman Moakley rides in a car at the 1997 Saint Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston

This pin was presumably distributed by the anti-busing organization Restore Our Alienated Rights, or ROAR. It depicts a lion on a school bus with the words, "STOP FORCED BUSING."

Congressman Moakley meets with Senator Edith Green (D-Oregon) to discuss anti-busing legislation
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