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Minutes of a meeting held at Freedom House by the Coordinated Social Services group. Report includes an update on Legal proposals currently before the court and a motion this group become a formal committee.

Progress report from the "Freedom House Institute on Schools and Education" (later the Coordinated Social Services Group/Committee) regarding its continued preparations for the desegregation of Boston Schools (busing).

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An agenda of the November 9, 1974 meeting of the Community Education Collaborative for Desegregation at Freedom House planning to discuss how to effective help with Phase II; evaluate Phase I; and develop recommendations.

Letter to Judge Garrity from the Coordinated Social Services Council of Freedom House regarding concerns of the monitoring plan and informational component for Phase II.

This document outlines the Racial Imbalance Act that was passed in 1965 and some of the threats to it. The bill allowed the state Board of Education to take away funding from districts that had schools that were racially imbalanced, as defined by the…
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