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Portrait of Mayor Kevin H. White

Photo of Kathleen Sullivan Alioto with Mayor Kevin White during the State of City Address.

Photo of Kathleen Sullivan Alioto with husband Joseph Alioto during the State of City Address.

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Photograph of Mayor Kevin H. White playing pool with unidentified individuals, ca. 1971-1974

A press release from Mayor Kevin H. White criticizing the Racial Imbalance Law and proposing his own course of action to desegregate the Boston Public Schools

A letter to Mayor Kevin White from the Cooper Community Center regarding a resolution they passed titled "Opposing Violence Related to Quality Education Concerning Bussing."

A letter to Mayor Kevin White from the Mayor W.L. Jones of Bude, MS who is against busing and is bitter about the process of integration the south faced which "interrupted our way of life and changed a pattern that was legal and right for hundreds of…

Letter from Mayor White to Judge Garrity regarding the Boston School Committee and his confidence in their commitment to desegregation.

This is a statement released by Mayor White regarding Garrity's order. In this, White states that Garrity does not believe the city and school's financial crisis exists. The Judge has ordered that the city find sixteen million to fix the school's…

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Students from advanced fourth and fifth grade classes at the M.J. Tobin School in Roxbury shared their concerns about busing. They were afraid that Phase II of forced busing would end advanced classes and this would academically hold back from…
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