Created by graduate students in the History and American Studies departments at UMass Boston, this site showcases letters, photographs, legal documents, artifacts, and interviews that explore de facto segregation in Boston and the federally-mandated desegregation of Boston public schools. Students unearthed materials from various collections in separate Boston archives, selected a representative sampling, and presented them here, together, in new collaborative context.

Recently Added Items

Students and teachers in a Boston Public School classroom.


A photograph of students and teachers in a Boston public school classroom.

"Make Congress Stop Bussing," booklet by Congressman Lawrence P. MacDonald


Front page of the booklet depicting busing, police officers, and a child with a sign appealing for Congress to stop busing of students as a means of…

Ruth M. Batson with her mother.


Ruth M. Batson (nee Watson) with her mother, Cassie Watson, at Norumbega Park, 1930.

Short Term Plan on Racial Imbalance in the Boston Public Schools.


The list of members of the Task Force on Racial Imbalance responsible for writing the Short Term Plan on Racial Imbalance in Boston Public Schools.

Political cartoon: "Handing Down a Historic Decision"

2531 through 2531-f.006.005.1954.jpg

A political cartoon picturing the Supreme Court decision in the case Brown v. Board of Education.